Sun Media has been working with both ends of the publishing spectrum—publishers with many different style sheets as well as those with just a handful. So there's capability to flex to a variety of client requirements and the ability to capture and convey each publication’s unique thumbprint.

In the current publishing context, most typeset pages also ‘translate’ into a web PDF, an E-book, an e-Pub, a web page or an interactive, multi-media document.

We tailor documents to a variety of structural and presentation demands, answering to mark-up language tags and pagination parameters resident in the publisher’s specifications which we can evolve according to requirement.

We are offering range from creating a standard hardcover college textbook to a wide variety of journals, trade publications, directories, medical dictionaries, encyclopedias, and loose-leaf publications. In addition, thanks to our “XML-first” philosophy of data management, the tagged text files can then be reused for any number of other purposes, ranging from companion websites and CD-ROMs to various other supplements.

We are working with various page layout platforms for our customer requirements.

• Adobe InDesign
• LaTex
• 3B2
• QuarkXPress
• PageMaker
• FrameMaker
• Microsoft Word

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