Sun Media editors are well versed with all kinds of editing services. Our editors are proficient in a variety of widely accepted style standards and adhere on to the client-specific or author-specific style guidelines. We prepare a style sheet for every project they handle, and the style sheet is approved by the client’s editor before implementation.

Copy Editing

The copy editors to improve the overall coverage and presentation of a given convent. Detailed editing ensures the author’s meaning. Copyediting synchronizes the understanding of the content for the reader and the author. Our copyeditors are thoughtful readers and sensitive critics; they have the judgement skills of not to waste time or antagonize the author by making unnecessary changes.

Copy editors at our end are involved in three stages. As soon as the book has been accepted for publication, the editors look at the typescript to correct some recurring faults of consistency, style or layout and other general changes for which author’s approval is asked for. At second stage our copyeditors brief the designer and production departments as to specific to be taken into account in designing the book and in planning its production. Although our copy editors’ main interest is editorial, the job also involves production consideration. Knowing the book in detail, the copy editor can make the author’s intentions clear to the designer and typesetter.

Professional Proof-Reading

Our proof readers bring a unique dimension to the art and science of copy edition. Typesetting moves the books to the copyeditor’s desk for careful reading for sense, Spell Check and Punctuation, comparing each phrase and content against the manuscript copy and the style, presentation, page make-up or layout etc. Proof Readers suggest the author for certain changes wherever required. Our proof reading team is guided by the basic principles of Consistency, Clarity, Literacy, Good sense and correct usage, supporting the author’s individuality or expression. We believe that the key to being able to produce quality work is rooted in our ability to provide quality editing that almost everything else concerned with quality of production.

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