Full service management from conceptualization to file delivery that ensures complete responsibility for execution of your project exactly as you want it. Every project has a designated project manager who supports its goals and objectives every step of the way.
Publishing a manuscript is always a labour of love, and we are here to share the work! Right from the time we receive the manuscript from our authors, we embark on a mission to provide the best possible services to our clients. The process of publishing, from copyediting to print-ready PDFs, may take from a few weeks to many months, and we are here to assist you throughout the process.

Project Managers will oversee all aspects of the book’s production, including:

• Coordinating between the design, art, and composition areas so all parts of the project    are done in sync with each other
• Communicating any customer and/or author requests to the production team
• Building a schedule and monitoring workflow to make sure the project is completed on    time
• Maintaining weekly contact with the customer through formal status reports, and     supplemental communication as needed
• Preparing materials for delivery, whether electronic files or hard copy mailings
• Ensuring customer corrections and changes are made accurately and in a timely manner
• Keeping accurate records so invoicing can proceed quickly once the project ships

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